Corporate Events!

Want to create attractive and interactive sponsorship packages for your upcoming corporate event? Just Smile Entertainment Photo Booth Services offers some engaging and effective ways to connect sponsors with event guests without being too 'salesy', with custom-branded kiosks and brandable digital features that will make your sponsor's brand presence front and center at your event.

Our photo marketing kiosks come with plenty of customizable real estate to enhance the social media presence and brand awareness of a sponsoring company. Here are a few ways you can woo sponsors with an on-site photo booth at your next event using our branded features:


Carry your sponsor's brand over to your automated emails. We can keep everything consistent and design an email header, use your copy, link to sites, and add in a unique signature based on your needs. This is a great way to show your sponsor that you can extend their brand reach once the event has come to a close.

Logos, Borders & Green Screen Backgrounds

We can stamp every photo that is shared with a custom-made digital border and/or logo, or add  branding to a green screen background to make your sponsor's brand pop!

Modern Equipment

You can brand the user interface to highlight a sponsor's brand.  While guests tap, snap, and share their event photos, they are engaging with the brand, keeping it top of mind as they interact and have fun in our booth

About Just Smile Ent Photo Booth Rentals

Social Media

Instant gratification is priceless. Through our app you can easily allow guests to share images via Facebook, Twitter, SMS, E-mail, and more. The best part is that you are able to track all of this data, which you can then use to follow up or market to them afterwards. This provides sponsors with an expansive reach to new audiences online.

Unlimited Photos

Get Unlimited 4x6 Photos with personalized graphics on the photo strips!

Video Messages

Each booth has video options to save and send personal or fun messages!

Props & Backdrops

Get Custom Props and elegant backdrops to make the entire event fully custom.

Social Media

We're integrated with all the main social media networks, allowing you to instantly share, tweet, and send photos or videos!